The Family Business with The Alessis

I love this podcast!

I’m loving the content the podcast has; It’s truly a breath of fresh air. We often tend to think of our pastors as non-wrong doers, incapable of making mistakes, not having the same feelings, thoughts, doubts on any given matter as we do. I would say….we can forget they are human too. —this podcast, transcends that.

It’s refreshing to listen how they, too, live day in and day out with the same challenges we do, and are gracious enough to share their experiences very organically. Not only do they share, but they also steer us to look at any given situation from the perspective of an overcomer, an achiever, capable and able to navigate life as what we are…a child of God.

March 29, 2022 by Yvette G-'74 on Apple Podcasts

The Family Business with The Alessis