September 21, 2022
Conquer Clickbait! How To Finally Win the War For Your Thought Life | S4 E2

How can we keep ourselves from thinking the wrong thoughts? Chris Alessi shares the revelations that helped him write his new book "Clickbait", so that you can have the right voices guiding you in every decision.

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Ever feel like your thoughts have been hijacked? 

In order to enjoy the best family and business you can, you need a thought life that is free of distractions and pointed toward a positive future. 

But instead of enjoying clarity, you find yourself constantly battling negative and unwanted thoughts that drag you away from your purpose.

 How can you win the war for your mind so that you can enjoy the best of life?

 In this episode Steve Alessi sits down with his son and author Chris Alessi,  as they discuss Chris' new book"Clickbait: Win the War for Your Mind in the Age of Distraction".

You'll discover the key elements that make 'clickbait' in the spiritual sense so dangerous, and how you can avoid the temptations to buy into messages that will trip you up and lead you down the wrong paths of life!

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Chris AlessiProfile Photo

Chris Alessi

Pastor / Author / Speaker

Christopher Alessi was born and raised In the beautiful and diverse city of Miami Florida. He earned his bachelors degree in psychology with a minor in leadership communication at Florida international University.

Christopher serves as the next generation pastor in the church that his parents, Pastor Steve and Mary Alessi, founded and continue to lead, Metro Life Church. His desire is that all children, youth and young adults would recognize the true Ephesians 3:20 nature of God and inspire others to do the same. At his side in ministry and in life are his wife Richelle and his three young adult sisters, Stephanie, Lauren and Gabrielle.