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I love listening to this podcast! They are so real and don’t hold anything back. But it’s not for show or attention it’s to help others learn and grow from their mistakes and victories. They live their lives with intentionality and purpose and walk us through how to do the same. This is better than any self help podcast. This will help you think outside of just yourself because it not only impacts who you are but also impacts those around you. Kudos to the Alessi family!

Love it

Two of the reasons ive been a member since 2009 is because our pastors are always transparent and deal with real life issues. Glad to see that continue on these podcasts with all the family!

Inspiration & Real

Authentic Leadership; transparency; parenting; values matter. Grateful.

Real, down to earth content

Every time I listen to this podcast, I get something new. It isn’t always flowery and decorated—and I like that. Pastor Steve and Mary are open and honest with their experiences and their feelings with parenting AND doing ministry at the same time. Looking forward to more!

We ALL need this!

We ALL need to listen and subscribe to this Wisdom right here!!! This will bless you now and for your future! The most Real, authentic, and raw experiences shared that allow you to connect immediately to what God is wanting to deposit in your life and apply into your family!!!

Wisdom in every minute

In the first 10 minutes of every podcast, I learn something new. These people are the real deal and pour every bit of their experience into the conversation. They don’t leave out a detail. Highly recommend listening, subscribing and sending to everyone you know!!

Family and parenting advice that hits home

It’s so refreshing to finally hear parents who have a mindset to be the leaders of their home, rather than people who simply follow parenting fads. I’ve been taking notes from every episode. Highly recommended for parents, childen, young adults and anyone who needs sound advice and family principles you can rely on.

The perfect content for anyone with a family!

Can’t wait for the next episodes.


The inside scoop on how to do family and ministry all at the same time! So many gems for for doing business, life, career, etc with family and very close friends... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

A Strong Family Foundation

This podcast is inspiring for families in all seasons. Don’t just listen...learn and apply for a stronger foundation in your family.

Love it!

They have so much wisdom on how to lead a family in a Godly way!

Love the energy and wisdom coming from this family! Looking forward to hearing more!