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Praise for The Family Business!

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Joy of adoption

Pastor Steve, I want to thank you for addressing adoption. It is sad that this is a topic no one wants to talk about, it is looked at as a “taboo”and women prefer to have an abortion instead of giving the gift of life through adoption mostly due to the lack of knowledge and information. Testimonies like the beautiful family on your podcast today proofs what a blessing it is and the joy it brings. Your podcast as usual was right on point!

Amazing podcast!

Every time I listen to podcast I learn something new. This podcast will teach you how to navigate all relationships in your life in the best way!


Great to see normal people reacting real situations in life and dealing with that, based on the best teaching book ever.

Love it

So much needed for this times we live in!! Thankful for this family!!!

I love this podcast!

I’m loving the content the podcast has; It’s truly a breath of fresh air. We often tend to think of our pastors as non-wrong doers, incapable of making mistakes, not having the same feelings, thoughts, doubts on any given matter as we do. I would say….we can forget they are human too. —this podcast, transcends that. It’s refreshing to listen how they, too, live day in and day out with the same challenges we do, and are gracious enough to share their experiences very organically. Not only do they share, but they also steer us to look at any given situation from the perspective of an overcomer, an achiever, capable and able to navigate life as what we are…a child of God.


It’s a weekly dose of reality. I love listening and truly learn how to cope with things one goes through. The Alessi family is truly inspiring. So blessed to know them!

Love this show!!


Wise teachings for families!

Great teachings for families that work together… or not. We all need some good advise to raise families in this day and age and The Alessi Family Business has been my guidance. Thank you God for this


I completely love this podcast. The Alessi Family is a pastoral family that has opened up to their “podience” for a side of them that cannot be shared on Sundays. They share spiritual tools in a fun and practical way that will enable its listeners to truly live the more than abundant life God has for his children. Very inspiring. 100% recommended ✅

Encouraging, funny, interesting and God led!

I love it! It’s interesting and catchy! Once you start listening you can’t stop and there’s always a godly message that makes you think!

Simply refreshing!!!

Simple words that will explain difficult situations in life, makes me refresh my mind and appreciate life the way it is!


Every episode is filled with truth that you can apply for your family, business and every other relationship.

Unlike any other !!!

Listening gives my day the needed perspective for the moment at hand ! Love it !

Helps me raise my children right!

It is loaded with wisdom and Godly values. In this day and age as parents we are scared of so many things. This podcast had helped me overcome that fear and be secure in my parenting knowing that I’m NOT ALONE! Thank you Pastor Steve and Mary and the whole team that makes this possible

Wisdom we ALL need!!!

We ALL need to listen to this Wisdom right here!!! This will bless you now and for your future! The most Real, authentic, and raw experiences shared that allow you to connect immediately to what God is wanting to deposit in your life and apply into your family!!!

The Business

The Fam Biz podcasts are informative, fun & gets the point across. Uman

Great life hacks for anyone and everyone.

Honestly if you have a relationship with anyone (family, friends, coworkers) this podcast will help you deal with any and all situations.

Must listen

Wonderful insight for all walks of life.

Inspiring Personal

This podcast is the, it gets to the point, it’s authentic & motivational, it might even make you emotional but most of all it’s uplifting & personal. So, what are you waiting for, don’t just take my word for it…take a listen Lyncia Ann 🥰

Amazing Podcasts ❤️❤️

Each podcast has a unique and inspirational take away!! Metro Life Church has been our church for many years and we are grateful for our Pastors and their entire family. These podcasts are an example of how our Pastor continuously pour into us❤️❤️

Gem of a podcast!

This podcast is a gem full of wisdom for all parents who have ever prayed for a guidebook on how to raise God loving and fearing kids and how to navigate through the different paths we face in various seasons! Truly grateful for this podcast and my amazing Pastoral family who lead by example in every single way!

Perfect for growing families!!

I am currently in the “littles” stage with my Children. And I’m soaking up all the amazing knowledge that I get from each one of these podcast. All of them have been a blessing. Their vulnerability, knowledge, and advice, have all been a blessing to me. I definitely recommend to any and everyone.

Always such a blessing

There isn’t a single episode where I don’t learn something new! I absolutely recommend listening to The Family Business podcast

This podcast is TRUTH

This podcast speaks TRUTH! It is so amazing to hear words on a variety of topics that align with the Word of God and just are just grounded in truth! There’s a lot of noise in the world we live in and in the culture we live in, so this podcast does a great job of filling my pockets of time when I have a listen to words that are not only true but very wise and filling!

Real-Life ups and downs

We love this podcast, it has lead to a lot of great discussions in our home. Great topics covered. Very practical and has been both encouraging and convicted to us. Thanks for the work you guys are doing. 🙌🏻

Uplifting podcast

Wow, this podcast is a breath of fresh air especially in today’s environment! If you are part of a family you need to check it out as soon as possible!

Much Needed

A true family podcast. Speaks about how to handle the hard conversations within family and how to go about life with others. Highly recommend a listen

Powerful and Insightful

This is such a wonderful resource. Love how amazing these podcasts are and how they touch me in every aspect of my life.

MLC is my home

Metro Life has been my home church since 2015. My Pastors are my shepherd and have been helped me with my walk with the Lord. Their teachings are Bible based and because of this, my relationship with God has been stronger than ever.

Best podcast for family

Thid podcast will give you tools for everyday life from personal decisions making to family decisions making. In these turmoils time, more than ever, we need to be operating with God vision for your life and families.