Praise for The Family Business!

Review the Show

My favorite podcast

I have not missed one episode. This podcasts gives so much clarity to where God wants to lead us as a family, spouse, parent. I love the transparency and topics that others are afraid to talk about. These are real life topics that we all have to deal with and we need to be open to good advise and guidance from those that live it day to day and show the results through their own family and relationships. My favorite podcast and I look forward to each one.

Very Insightful and fun to listen.

These podcasts have been a huge help to keep improving myself, especially in times when it seems we have forgotten how to be good people. The Alessi family speaks clear and boldly of some subjects that range from parenting, passing for money management to goal settings. They touch all these topics with candor and wisdom. Totally recommend this podcast.


I absolutely love this podcast! So much wisdom in every episode.

Very Inspirational!

This podcast is for everyone! You will find something to relate to in any season that you are in!!

Real and useful content

Thank you to the Alessi family for all this content for our daily lives. Your family is a blessing!

Love the podcasts!

Listening & watching these podcasts has been great. So much to learn from. Everyone who has played a role in sharing has been outstanding. Looking forward to more podcasts with the Alessi’s.


This is an amazing podcast! I love the transparency! They address about real and current issues that people are facing. They have so much wisdom that can be taken from each and every episode. I love it!!!

Don’t skip an episode!!!

It is an absolute joy, to listen and feel identified with other members of the Church, not only to obtain more wisdom in how to improve as a mother of teenagers but also in finances, life situations and in marriage. The Alessi family has poured out constant truths in our daily walk with God. Thank you Pastors!

A Dads Heart

It’s not often you listen to a podcast and get a sense of the heart of the interviewer/ host… but when it comes to The AFB podcast, you hear the heart of a dad, not a clinician or therapist or influencer. You hear an authentic desire to inspire and teach lessons learned from living. Steve Alessi may not have the “oh shucks” voice of Andy Griffith yet he carries the same spirit.

Awesome Podcast

Love the Alessi’s Family Podcast. Everyone can relate to the topics being discussed. Plain and to the point. Listen to it and go apply it. Great job Alessi Family 👏🏻

Real-life ups and downs

We love this podcast, it has lead to a lot of great discussions in our home. Great topics covered. Very practical and has been both encouraging and convicted to us. Thanks for the work you guys are doing!

wisdom for every season

this podcast isn’t a background noise type of podcast. This is a sit down and take notes type of listen. So much wisdom being poured out. No matter what season you are in there is gold and a lesson for each of us in every episode.

Hope for the Future

Just came across this podcast and as a mother of 3 small children, I am grateful for the Alessi Family giving me tools that I can use for the future. Looking forward to hearing more episodes!

Inspirational and real!

I have been listening since the beginning and have loved every single one of these episodes! I love the authentic talk, from the heart, and truth spoken in every episode… I have laughed and cried! Not only did I get to know our Pastors and their family more intimately, but also am learning, soaking in all of their wisdom in their testimonies, trials, suggestions, and ideas! Love it all!!! I look forward to the newest episode every week and am always sharing them with friends and family! Great job Alessi family!


I love how the Alessi family live on Godly principles but at the same time, being honest with the issues that plague marriages and families today. Pastors Steve & Mary present such relevant contents. They are transparent and the episodes always leave me feeling strengthened and encouraged to pursue a home and marriage that is Christ-centered. Thank you Alessi fam for your hearts, for your ministry and for your example. You have been a tremendous blessing to our lives. I highly recommend that you listen to this podcast!♥️


My take on these amazing podcasts, so “Timely” every single episode has been life changing!! Way to go Pastors always on point! So very relevant to todays needs shared in a way we can ALL identify with. Very Thankful!

Best Family Podcast!

I love this podcast! It’s genuine, applicable, and helpful. We all need to learn how to do life with others and this podcast helps with just that!

Refreshing and Reflective

It is refreshing to be able to hear from Truth Speaking and Truth Seeking individuals! It inspires me to be a better parent, wife, and friend. Truly, it is a work reflective of wisdom and Godly principles. Highly recommend!

Getting Real about race

This was the most genuine conversation I’ve heard on the issue of race. Everyone needs to hear this podcast powerful, relatable and REAL!!!

Let’s keep it real. Love it!

I really love this podcast! You guys really keep things real. Bringing up family matters that every family deal with on the day-to-day. True models!

Always leaves you wanting more!

I’ve learned so much about how to be a better parent, sibling, friend from this podcast. Can’t wait for Wednesday’s for their new episodes — it’s such good stuff that 30 min never feels long enough. Every christian parent needs this in their lives.

Best podcast ever!!!

The Alessi family podcast is absolutely amazing and you learn something new in each podcast. 10000/10 would recommend. Best podcast ever!!!! 🤩🤩

Always Learning Something New

When this podcast started I wasn’t sure it would apply to me. But as a young adult myself, I am really enjoying all the perspectives from the young adult children of the Alessi Family. Looking forward to more episodes in the future.

Great podcast

Very genuine family! This podcast has blessed my life beyond reason. Thank you for impacting not only me but my whole family.

Great help for young adults!

You can really hear the heart that Pastor Steve Pastor Mary and Pastor Chris have for Young adults! They really care for the well being of their younger community! How they date and who they date, how to ask and how to approach! Advice on dealing with family members, or toxic people! Also dealing with some fear and worry about Covid in the young people today! Amazing podcast! 10/10!

So real! So Good!

Love this podcast! So much wisdom and real conversations. As a young adult it’s great to hear from the whole family on different topics with different perspectives. Thank you Alessi Family!

Family Council

So appreciate this podcast and the support given to families of all types. Just listened to the special needs episode. Wow. Thank you for that valuable insight and the wonderful resources.

A Blessing!!

Getting to hear my Pastor touch on topics that maybe don’t get discussed on a regular Sunday morning basis is so amazing! Every single episode will bless you and give you insight on how to live out a Godly life, and it is such refreshing content! Real people with real advice💪🏼


The first one I heard was “Dealing with Toxic Relationships” and I was hooked. I listened to both part 1 and 2 several times. It’s real information every week that happens to everyone regardless of your background. Every podcast hits home. Love the wisdom and conversations that takes place. I look forward every week to listen to the next episode. Just today I told myself that I’m going to go back to season 1 to listen to all of them. Very Encouraging! Thank you for being Real!!!


It is a truly transparent conversation with a subject that mostly of Christian do not want to talk about. This podcast has been a great resource for me dealing with daily matters in family and life.