Praise for The Family Business!

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Powerful, Inspirational and Relevant

This is a powerful, inspirational and relevant podcast. Thankful for Pastor Steve’s leadership.

Love this podcast!!

Sooo great! Keep it coming!

So awesome!!

I love this podcast so much. It is such a blessing to our family! Thankful for this church & family ❤️

Strong Family Values

Strong family values and real talk is what you get on this podcast. Thank you Alessi Family

Relationship Advice!

This Family Podcast has helped my marriage with making decisions and strengthening our relationship.

Manly Wisdom

Appreciate the Biblical perspective on marriages and husband and wives communicationtips.

Inspirational Podcast

I love this podcast because it teaches me a lot on how to deal with relationships with friends, family, and with others. This podcast is very inspirational and the amount of wisdom Pastor Steve and Mary share in each episode is amazing.

Speaks to my soul

Amazing and so spiritual. This podcast has helped me through many seasons and their words have spoken to me.


Amazing listen, great wisdom to lean into throughout the week.

Great Leadership in Families

Family value, biblical principles and they set the example.

Love my church and love this podcast!

I cannot express In words the value this podcast brings to my life and the people I come in contact with. As a clinician, I use all the wisdom from the amazing conversations in this podcast in my life but I also pass it along to my patients. Thanks Pastors for always coming up with real important topics. Love & light, Diana Guzman

very powerful messages

If you guys ever want to listen to advice from a pastor about relationships, the word of God or real world situations going on then you have came to the right place. This podcast is an eye opener and i suggest you follow and review them! They are amazing and the message is powerful from the lord !!!!

So much wisdom

You can really see the fruits of the spirit in this family. Their words have been a blessing in my life for the last seven years. My life has been filled with prosperity, wisdom, and an abundance of blessing thanks to the direction of this church in my life spiritually. Their words are to be taken and applied, you will see a difference!!

Great advices for the family

I love these potcast. I have not heard them all but, the ones I have listen to are great advices to all the family

Great podcast!

The knowledge and wisdom that you hear from this podcast is invaluable! I love that the information is relatable and and applicable in my own life. Listen to this podcast it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE

Good advices

They always give amazing advices and I always learn something new with them!! I’m amazingly happy that I found their church

Great Christian Family Podcast

I enjoy listening to this podcast. Their point of view on family is always from a Christian point of view. I love how honest and open they are about the struggles their family goes through. It’s very relatable.

Great conversation in all areas of life

Great conversations that help and need to be heard. Down to earth talks Live listening.

Thankful for the Wisdom!!

This show brings so much wisdom to the table. Very thankful for pastors who lead on and off the platform. The topics discussed are areas we all need help in. Thank you for digging deeper!

Timely advice every time

So thankful for this wisdom filled podcast. This is real life issues being discussed openly, honestly and authentically. Very thankful to the Alessi Family for their genuine hearts and desire to bless others. This podcast has definitely been a blessing to my family !

Needed for such a time as this….

This could not come at any better time. We need a refreshing word hitting the air waves. Love the transparency and realness that is exuded in the podcasts. Each topic is very relatable.

Awesome wisdom for families in ministry

The podcast is truly a roadmap for helping families in ministry gain insight on how to tackle a variety of issues that will arise with juggling personal life and ministry life.

Love this podcast

They have been my pastors for over twenty years. They are honest and real. This podcasts brings the word of God into relevant topics that are affecting our world and our families today. Their biblical knowledge along with their life experiences help guide us through every day life. They are not afraid to speak truth and that is so important for today.


This is an awesome podcast for anyone needing wisdom on how to raise a family the right way. They touch all subjects affecting everyday life. The speakers are so genuine and don’t mind sharing their personal experiences.

Wealth of Knowledge

When you have any type of issue you lean on family and friends to help guide you. However, most of the time they tell you what you want to hear, not necessarily what you need to hear. Your loved ones do this because being steadfast in the truth is definitely difficult. The Alessi Family Podcast is that person that will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear no matter the difficulty. They cover such important life lessons and topics that normally are shied away from. It’s not always serious either, you can see that the Alessi family are filled with different personalities that make their family dynamic so much fun to listen to. You can definitely relate to at least one family member. I love this podcast so much and am utterly grateful to have the Alessi family as a guiding lite in this crazy world.


The truth spoken on this podcast is extremely refreshing. The perfect podcast to listen on how to operate as a Christian in the many roles one has to walk in daily life. 10/10

What a great resource!

This is such a great resource for families. Whatever the ages or stages of your kids, this is solid, tried and tested wisdom for keeping God at the center of your family! ❤️


This podcast is truly a blessing! So much wisdom from our pastors and their family and friends. I love how honest and real they are. ❤️

Applicable to every family!

Lots of family wisdom is needed during this time, and this is a great resource from a real, sincere family.

Incredible wisdom for every family

Jam packed with great lessons for every family, and an easy listen at that!