The Family Business with The Alessis

Season 4

Parenting And Family

LIVE at Christmas Lightfest! A Holiday "Ask The Alessis" Q&A Session | S4 E15

The Family Business steps out of the podcast booth and into the community with a live taping at our Christmas Lightfest event! The Alessis answer your family questions and share the lessons they've learned over the years!

Marriage And Relationships

Year 1: How to Communicate Better as Your Marriage Begins | S4 E14

Being newlyweds can be challenging - especially as you learn to communicate with each other! In this episode Chris and Richelle Alessi share effective communication tips they've discovered during their first year of marriage!

Parenting And Family

Year 1: The Highs and Lows of Parenting as a First Year Couple | S4 E13

Navigating the first year of marriage is a challenge for any new couple - but adding a baby makes it way more interesting!  Hear the Muiñas share the honest, tough and often hilarious highs and lows of parenting as a first-year couple!

Parenting And Family

Fun, Family and Feasts: Sharing Our Favorite Traditions During Thanksgiving and The Holidays | S4 E12

There's nothing like family at the holidays - and the Alessis are sharing some of their funniest and most heartfelt Thanksgiving moments in this special episode!

Parenting And Family

Baby Business! Introducing The Newest (and Cutest) Member of The Family Business | S4 E11

The Family Business is growing in more ways than one, and this special episode tells the story of how we welcomed our newest family member into the world - Gianna Muñia!

Personal Growth And Business Tips

Why Music and Ministry Matters in Our Family Business (and How We Do It) | S4 E10

Is making music about building relationships, or is it just business? Mary Alessi and Stephanie Muñia discuss how they've focused on relationship and ministry instead of the sometimes hazardous world of the music industry.

Personal Growth And Business Tips

Strong Families = Strong Relationships! How to Build a Life of Significance with Aaron Walker, Coach / Author

What does it take to be truly successful? Our guest Aaron Walker, entrepreneur and coach, shares how you can build a life of significance through authentic relationships!

Parenting And Family

The Miracle of "Christmas at Church": How to Dream Big and Create Something Special with Your Family

Your family can make something special together - even if it seems impossible. The making of Metro Life Worship's new project “Christmas at Church” proves miracles happen when you dream big as a family!

Parenting And Family

Parents, Don't Stall Out! How to Readjust and Relate to Your Kids Better As They Grow | S4 E7

Stalling out as a parent? The Alessis show you how to readjust and rethink your parenting decisions, so you can enjoy a better relationship with your children and raise them to be strong, confident adults.

Parenting And Family

Social Media Madness: How to Keep Technology from Undermining Your Family | S4 E6

It's clear - social media is here to stay. So how should our families use it? We discuss how your family can find the right balance, avoid negative influences and adopt healthy habits when using social media!

Marriage And Relationships

Recalibrate Your Marriage? How to Strengthen Your Relationship Through the Ever-Changing Seasons of Life

Steve and Mary Alessi look back over their 35+ years of marriage and share strategies to bring you and your spouse closer, even as seasons of life change!

Parenting And Family

Money Matters! How to Make Your Family (and Wallet) Happier with Smart Financial Habits | S4 E4

Money! We all need it...but how do we make more of it, and manage it better as a family? Steve and Chris Alessi sit down at the Family Business table to share their money management strategies, including how to build a side hustle, managing your monthly budget, and more!

Parenting And Family Current Events And Culture

The Truth about Gender: How to Cut Off Confusion and Affirm Your Child's God-Given Identity | S4 E3

Is gender a constant, or a choice? The Alessis discuss how to help your children find security in their God-given identity and silence the voices that want to confuse the next generation.

Personal Growth And Business Tips

Conquer Clickbait! How To Finally Win the War For Your Thought Life | S4 E2

How can we keep ourselves from thinking the wrong thoughts? Chris Alessi shares the revelations that helped him write his new book "Clickbait", so that you can have the right voices guiding you in every decision.

Parenting And Family

TFB 25th Anniversary! What We've Learned After 25 Years of Family Business | S4 E1

Season 4 of our podcast begins with a tremendous celebration... as the Alessis celebrate their 25th year of building the family business at Metro Life Church!