November 09, 2022
Strong Families = Strong Relationships! How to Build a Life of Significance with Aaron Walker, Coach / Author

What does it take to be truly successful? Our guest Aaron Walker, entrepreneur and coach, shares how you can build a life of significance through authentic relationships!

How do you become truly successful?

Rather than focusing on the material things, we believe true success and significance comes from strong, healthy relationships - in our marriages, our families and with trusted friends and mentors.

Our guest on the podcast today, entrepreneur, coach and author Aaron Walker, is living proof of that truth.

For 42 years Aaron has been a successful businessman and owner of fourteen lucrative businesses. He has been a personal friend and colleague of renowned financial expert Dave Ramsey for over 3 decades and was the first radio advertiser on The Dave Ramsey Show. Now as the founder of his mentoring organization View from the Top, he works with men and their families to help them achieve true significance - not only in business, but in faith and family as well.

In this episode,  Aaron shares his powerful story with host Steve Alessi - from his  relationship with Dave Ramsey, to overcoming tragedy in his personal life, to building companies with this family and helping other families to enjoy the blessings of  faith in God and authentic relationships with others.

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Aaron WalkerProfile Photo

Aaron Walker

For over 45 years, Aaron, has been a small business owner, committed husband, devoted father, and community leader. He got his first taste of real accountability in a business Mastermind group where he developed genuine friendships and grew alongside Dave Ramsey, Dan Miller, Ken Abraham, and others.

He currently serves as founder and CEO of View from the Top where Iron Sharpens Iron Masterminds, business coaching, and events all coordinate to achieve the mission.