September 14, 2022
TFB 25th Anniversary! What We've Learned After 25 Years of Family Business | S4 E1

Season 4 of our podcast begins with a tremendous celebration... as the Alessis celebrate their 25th year of building the family business at Metro Life Church!

We're kicking off Season 4 of the Family Business with a tremendous celebration... as the Alessis celebrate 25 years of our family business of ministry!

Over the last quarter of a century, we've seen the value of putting family first - and  we've built our "business" - Metro Life Church in Miami, FL -  on the same principles that helped us build a strong family. 

Listen, laugh and learn as we share the memorable moments and powerful lessons about the importance of communication, relationships and faith, so that you too can build a family legacy that will last 25 years and beyond!

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