October 12, 2022
Recalibrate Your Marriage? How to Strengthen Your Relationship Through the Ever-Changing Seasons of Life

Steve and Mary Alessi look back over their 35+ years of marriage and share strategies to bring you and your spouse closer, even as seasons of life change!

How do you maintain a happy and healthy marriage, even when life  - and your spouse -  seems to change day-by-day?

Just like the seasons change throughout the year, your marriage and your family will enter new stages and face new challenges as time goes by.

But all too often, these changing seasons of life create friction and frustration in our relationships, and without the right tools, even committed couples can find themselves in marital distress.

In this powerful and transparent talk, Steve and Mary Alessi look back over their 35+ years of marriage and share the tools they used to maintain and deepen their connection.
You'll discover how to respond to your spouse's changing needs, seek out the right resources, and make key decisions that will bring you closer even when seasons change!

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