September 28, 2022
The Truth about Gender: How to Cut Off Confusion and Affirm Your Child's God-Given Identity | S4 E3

Is gender a constant, or a choice? The Alessis discuss how to help your children find security in their God-given identity and silence the voices that want to confuse the next generation.

Are you struggling to protect your family from the voices that claim that gender identity is a choice?

The Alessis tackle this all-important topic of identity in this episode, so that our children can overcome any confusion about who they really are and how they were designed by God.

Throughout history, people have attempted to define themselves by their family, their culture and their traits.

However it is only in recent times that people have attempted to redefine the fundamental elements of our identity - even our gender. 

In this episode you'll hear the powerful principles and steps you must adopt if you want your children to be solid and secure in their God-given identity.

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