December 21, 2022
LIVE at Christmas Lightfest! A Holiday "Ask The Alessis" Q&A Session | S4 E15

The Family Business steps out of the podcast booth and into the community with a live taping at our Christmas Lightfest event! The Alessis answer your family questions and share the lessons they've learned over the years!

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What's better than a Christmas event full of lights, fun and memories with your family? 

A Christmas festival where you get your family questions answered LIVE! 

To cap off Season 4, Steve and Mary Alessi stepped out of the podcast booth and recorded an episode at the Metro Life Church Christmas Lightfest - a family friendly festival complete with huge Christmas light sculptures, a skating rink and live Nativity scenes. 

While there, we gathered questions from the families attending and answered them live! 

You'll hear some of the Alessis' favorite Christmas memories and how they overcame some of their biggest challenges, as well as some powerful insights and practical answers for your family that you can apply throughout the year! 

In this episode Steve and Mary addressed family questions including: 

  • How to Handle Major Challenges in your Family
  • How To Deal with Expectations from your In-Laws
  • How To Manage  Family Relationships Outside Your Church
  • How to Talk Confidently with Your Kids About Faith and the Bible 

For more information about the Lightfest, tap here!
To hear Metro Life Worship's new Christmas album "Christmas at Church", tap here!


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