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January 26, 2022
Dealing with Toxic Relationships, Part 2: How to Part Ways with Toxic People

Our talk on toxic relationships continues with a in-depth, step-by-step discussion on how to finally end the cycle of painful and dysfunctional relationships in your life.

In Part 2 of this powerful talk about toxic family relationships, Steve and Mary Alessi dig deeper into the underlying causes of these damaging connections, and share specific steps on how you can distance yourself from toxic people and experience freedom.

If you haven't heard Part 1, it's best to listen to it first.

With authenticity and honesty, this episode breaks down the step-by-step actions that you must take in order to part ways from toxic people and protect yourself from pain and dysfunction.

If you have ever dealt with toxic relationships in your family, this episode (and the one to follow) will help you discover the keys to freedom and a better family life.


0:00 Intro: SZN 3, EP 3

0:30 Highlights of Last Episode

4:20 How Jesus Handled a Toxic Person

6:45 Not Their Savior, Not Their Hero  

10:30 Creating Distance 

18:00 Not One More Day

21:30 End The Co-Dependent Cycle 

22:55 Stop Feeling Guilty

25:53 An Intervention Attempt  

29:00 What’s the Payoff


Love Must Be Tough, Dr. James Dobson
5 Types of People Who Can Ruin Your Life, Bill Eddy
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