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January 19, 2022
Dealing with Toxic Relationships, Pt. 1: How to Identify and Avoid People Who Cause Pain | S3 E2

Steve and Mary Alessi unravel the difficult but necessary steps they had to take to identify and cut off toxic family relationships that threatened to hold them hostage to the past, and reveal the freedom available when we say no to people who cause pain.

At some point, in every family, relationships go wrong.

Whether it's a family member who causes conflict, or a situation that creates a tragic break of communication, the pain that is associated with toxic relationships can poison a family for generations.

In this powerful episode, Steve and Mary Alessi unravel  the difficult but necessary steps required to identify, avoid and end toxic family relationships that are holding you hostage to the past, and reveal the freedom and possibilities available when we say no to harmful and dangerous emotional triggers in our family structures.

If you have ever dealt with toxic relationships in your family, this episode (and the one to follow) will help you discover the keys to freedom and a better family life.

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