March 01, 2023
How Real Friends Help You Bounce Back from Disaster (aka the Legend of the Smoking Bird) | S5 E7

Who can you trust when everything goes wrong? Two lifelong friends - Steve Alessi and David Martinez - share how real friendships can help you overcome your toughest moments.

Who would you turn to... if  you lost everything? 

And what if the person you needed was going through a disaster of their own?

In this powerful episode, you'll discover how real friends can help you bounce back from the most devastating moments of your life - even when you both are going through them at the same time. 

Host Steve Alessi welcomes his lifelong friend David Martinez, one of the founding members of Metro Life Church who was instrumental in helping Steve recover from his heart attack in 2007.

Meanwhile, David was still reeling from the news that the company he had worked for years to build had been taken over by a hostile corporation.

In this inspiring episode, you'll see these two men share their vulnerabilities, fears and process as they helped each other recover from each other's "42 moment", and unearth the keys to cultivating authentic friendships, whether in calm or crisis.

If you loved this episode, you have to check out Mary Alessi and David's wife Mory Martinez talking about their friendship!

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David MartinezProfile Photo

David Martinez

David W. Martinez began his career twenty-eight years ago as a staff accountant and local municipality’s auditor. In 1987, Mr. Martinez joined the CPA firm of Muskat, Simon & Kolber, one of South Florida’s top 50 accounting firms. There, he worked his way up from staff accountant to senior staff manager and in 1992 he opened his own CPA firm. His experience includes tax, financial, audit and consulting services, with a heavy concentration in the construction industry.

In September 2000 Mr. Martinez became Chief Financial Officer and Partner of The Tower Group, Inc. He was responsible for overseeing the accounting staff, securing adequate bonding, insurance, and credit, as well as, controlling the overall financial stability of the corporation. In 2007, Mr. Martinez, along with Anthony Burke, launched Burke Construction Group, Inc. Together these two have completed over $1.7 billion of construction projects throughout the state of Florida in just the last 17 years.

David serves as an advisor at Metro Life Church, where he and his wife Mory are founding members. He is the proud father of three children - Nick, Michael and Christina - and enjoys hunting, boating and supporting his beloved Miami Hurricane sports teams.