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March 09, 2022
How to Talk to Your Kids about War, Conflict and World Events | S3 E9

How are your children dealing with the constant news of world conflict? Steve Alessi and Gaby Alessi help your family talk about the news without being overwhelmed.

Since 2020, our children have experienced more world-altering events than many adults have faced in a lifetime. 

Whether its war and conflict in the Ukraine,  or debates and medical uncertainty over COVID, our kids are constantly bombarded with news that could fill them with anxiety and fear. 

As parents, caregivers and youth workers, we have the responsibility to take what seems to be unexplainable and help children to accept the reality of bad news,  while still letting them enjoy childhood and the hope of a bright future. 

In this episode, Steve Alessi is joined by his youngest daughter and youth director at Metro Life Church, Gabrielle Alessi. Together they unpack how you as a parent, teacher or youth leader can help today's children to navigate the flood of information coming at them regarding current events, and show them how to remain strong and confident. 

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