March 23, 2022
How We Found Our Sound: Blending Music, Ministry and Business in the Family | S3 E11

Staying in harmony as a family is tricky - especially when music is a major part of your business. The Alessis share how they've found their unique sound and remained united.

It takes more than just talent to survive in the music business...

...and that is never more true than when your family is full of talented singers and musicians.

Music and worship has always been a centerpiece of the Alessi family. In this conversation, Steve Alessi, Mary Alessi and  their daughter Steph Alessi Muina examine how they bring out the best in each other as they navigate the intense world  of songwriting, music performance and recording.

Along with being a wife, mother, and pastor, Mary Alessi is an renowned worship leader and recording artist. She has released four independent music projects which include “Whatever it Takes,” “More,” “When Women Worship,” and “Pressing On.” Her song, “Great Grace” was nominated for a Dove Award by the Gospel Music Association in 2008.

Having partnered with Integrity Music, Stephanie Alessi Muina released her debut single, “Wouldn’t Change A Thing,”  in 2021, and has co-written and recorded several EPs and singles. She serves as worship director at Metro Life Church  in Miami, FL and oversees the musical and creative teams.
Working as a team in both executive and musical roles, the Alessi family spearheaded the launch of Metro Life Church's musical project,  Metro Life Worship, which released their debut full-length album "Overcome" in January 2022.

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Stephanie Alessi MuiñaProfile Photo

Stephanie Alessi Muiña

Steph Alessi Muiña, is a singer songwriter and worship leader from Miami, Florida. Born in a family dedicated to serving Christ in their community, Steph is now director of worship at Metro Life Church.

Steph is a beacon of unifying, faith-filled music permeated by holiness for the Church of today. After her 2017 debut EP “Still Waters” and multiple projects with Metro Life Worship, the singer songwriter is now ready to share her story through her songs more than ever!

Steph started journaling and songwriting as a child. Faced with periods of loneliness, she developed a close relationship with the Lord at an early age and processed her emotions in writing. At the same time, Steph was exposed to the diverse nature of God’s family from the beginning, shaping her heart for international communities and for people of all kinds of walks of life. Stephs involvement in women’s ministry also opened her eyes to the individual, it forged a wide view of church that she keeps in mind when writing songs. Since then she has been writing profusely with purity and honesty oozing out of her songs.