April 15, 2021
Introducing The Family Business with The Alessis

Introducing a new podcast that will give you the essential keys to living and working together happily with your family.

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Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to live and work side-by-side with your family - and actually enjoyit? 

Introducing a new podcast that will show you how. 

The Family Business with the Alessis presents an inside look at a family of six who have a unique business  - leading, living and working together in a culturally-diverse church in Miami, FL.  Hosted by Steve and Mary Alessi, pastors of Metro Life Church, this podcast reveals the highs, the lows and the lessons they’ve learned over three decades of marriage, parenting and ministry. 

As they've lived and worked alongside their four adult children (Christopher, Stephanie, Lauren, and Gabrielle), The Alessis have discovered key insights on how to make any family - or business -  a better one.  In every episode, they're sharing real-life stories, principles, strategies and advice about marriage, raising children, employment and work-life, living as Christians in turbulent times and much more. 

Take a look behind the scenes as this close-knit family digs into the topics that don’t often get mentioned on Sunday morning. 

Season 1 is premiering soon... Subscribe todayso you won’t miss a single episode! 

Join our family business every week as we talk about life, and help you build a great future with your family, no matter what business you are in.

New episodes are uploaded every Wednesday! 

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Hello, I'm Steve. And this is Mary Alessi . And we want to introduce to you the family business podcasts, because guess what? She and I work together every day. And not only do we work together, we live together. We sleep together and we do ministry together along with our son, Christopher, our daughter, Stephanie, our daughter, Lauren, and our daughters , Gabrielle, and people always are asking us, Mary, how do you guys not only live together, but work together? And it looks like everybody enjoys what they're doing. Well that's because we believe there's some things that can be done to help us on a regular basis. Be able to not only live together, but also work alongside one another. So that's why we have coming to you, the family business podcast , because family Mary is everybody's business. That's it.

Mary :

There it is. So subscribe, make sure that you are following along with all of the podcasts as they come your way, because you know, if you want a healthier family, if you want a family, that's more together on the same page with vision, you need to learn how to do that and be intentional. We've learned along the way, how to make sure family is at the center of everything. We do a healthy, happy family, not just family, but that a family that's in unity together. And so we've just kind of collected some good information over the years. And then in doing it, we've sort of put this together in this podcast, all that we've learned and how we really hope we can help you in your family, be stronger, be more United. Listen. Everybody wants to be a part of a great community. Let it start with you, your spouse and your kids. Start at home, get healthy, get happy at home.


So she's talking family, I'm talking business, and we want to invite you to the family business podcasts , because family is everybody's business. And let me tell you , I got some stuff on her. I can't wait to tell you.