Oct. 27, 2021

Overcoming Sibling Rivalry and Jealousy in Your Family | S2 E7

We're tackling sibling rivalry and showing you how to keep the peace between your brothers and sisters, even when you work together.

Can brothers and sisters work together in the same business without succumbing to jealousy and conflict due to their unique gifts and personalities? 

In this episode of The Family Business with The Alessis, Steve Alessi sits down with his son, Chris Alessi, to discuss how they manage the challenges of serving with talented  family members and how they avoid the dangers of sibling rivalry. 

In their business of ministry, the four Alessi children - Christopher, Stephanie, Lauren and Gabrielle - have to navigate the day-to-day responsibilities and relational bumps in the road that can happen in an office environment.

  In this episode we unpack how to keep a balanced and productive atmosphere at work - and more importantly, how to continue to have a healthy and loving relationship with your family members, even if they are working right alongside you. 


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