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December 22, 2021
The Best Gift Ever? A Special Christmas Message from the Family Business | S2 E15

In this final episode of Season 2, we're time traveling back to a special Christmas Sunday to answer the question - what is the best gift ever?

What's the most special gift you could give at Christmas?

This season is all about giving, but in the Family Business, it's a priority all year around. In this final episode of Season 2, we're time traveling back to a special Christmas Sunday  to hear about the most important gift of all.

You'll hear Steve Alessi share his thoughts on how faith and giving are intertwined - and why the reason for the season should motivate us to give our best to our families, our communities and beyond.

If you've missed any of Season 1 or Season 2, this is the perfect opportunity to catch up on what you've missed as we get ready for Season 3!

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