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Dec. 15, 2021

Your Guilt-Free Christmas: How To Break Free of Unrealistic Family Expectations | S2 E14

Does Christmas bring you a bag of guilty feelings every year? If so, the Alessi ladies have some great suggestions on how to get rid of the unrealistic expectations!

Are all your Christmas memories followed by a question of "did I do it right?" If so, you might be dealing with Christmas guilt - either internally or externally.

As the Alessis wrap up their series on Keeping the Holidays Happy, the ladies of the family (Mary, Stephanie, Lauren, Gabrielle and Richelle) gather again at the Family Business table to figure out where those guilty feelings show up - and how to kick them out of our mindsets so you can fully embrace the joy of the season.

Oh, and there may be a surprise guest - so listen all the way to the end. And you'll also find out some truths about Santa. 

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