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Mory Martinez

Mory Martinez, along with her husband David, were founding members of Metro Life Church when Steve and Mary Alessi started the ministry in 1997 - in fact, the first meeting of the church took place in the Martinez' living room.

Since serving as the church's first children's ministry director, Mory has worked alongside the Alessis as a pivotal part of the family business in a variety of capacities. Throughout their 38 years of marriage, she and David have raised three children - Nick, Christina and Michael - and have been blessed with five grandchildren.

Mory is an avid photographer in her spare time and loves to spend time in natural environments.

April 27, 2022

Mom Friends: How Strong Friendships Build Strong Families | S3 E16

Our guest Mory Martinez teams up with Mary Alessi on the podcast to share how their friendship as mothers helped them successfull…

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