March 15, 2023
Rainbows and Recovery: Can Strong Women Help Each Other Heal After Tragedy Strikes? | S5 E9

Rainbows, tears and strength....Mary Alessi welcomes two long-time friends and staff members to share how you can overcome your "42 moments" by connecting with strong friends!

What can you learn from a rainbow, a trio of friends, and a near tragedy?

You can discover the power of friendship and the importance of having people in your corner when life takes a turn for the worse.

In this edition of our series previewing the new book by Steve Alessi "42: A Guide to Finishing Well when You Thought You Were Finished", you'll hear from the ladies who were up close and personal during the fateful moments of Steve's heart attack and recovery.

Mory Martinez and Desiree Husdon were front and center as friends and staff members when the Alessis faced their toughest battle in 2007. In this emotional conversation with host Mary Alessi, you'll learn why you need the right people to stay strong when your life becomes stormy and fearful.

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Mory MartinezProfile Photo

Mory Martinez

Mory Martinez, along with her husband David, were founding members of Metro Life Church when Steve and Mary Alessi started the ministry in 1997 - in fact, the first meeting of the church took place in the Martinez' living room.

Since serving as the church's first children's ministry director, Mory has worked alongside the Alessis as a pivotal part of the family business in a variety of capacities. Throughout their 38 years of marriage, she and David have raised three children - Nick, Christina and Michael - and have been blessed with five grandchildren.

Mory is an avid photographer in her spare time and loves to spend time in natural environments.