February 01, 2023
42 Minutes: A Heart-Attack, Facing Death, and Finishing Strong Even If You're Almost Finished | S5 E3

Get an exclusive preview of "42" - a new book telling the incredible story behind Steve Alessi's massive heart attack, the heroic efforts of the first-responders, and how the Alessis recovered from that fateful event.

42 minutes was the difference between life and death. 

In this powerful episode, Steve Alessi shares the story behind his near-death moment and recovery from a massive heart-attack in 2007, the type commonly known as the 'widow-maker'. 

With personal reflections and direct accounts from the first responders who were there on that pivotal night, the Alessis share the emotions, thoughts and realities  they faced in the aftermath. 

You'll discover the powerful lessons you need to apply to overcome your own "42" moment, when it seems your world has been shaken and you don't know how to recover from the shock of a tragic or unexpected event. 

This account and the lessons you'll learn in this episode by Steve Alessi will be the topic of his new book, "42: How to Finish Well When You Thought You Were Finished", to be released in 2023 on paperback, audiobook and hardcover. 


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