April 05, 2023
Walls Fall! How to Break Free When You're Stuck in Survival Mode | S5 E12

When you get hit hard, sometimes you just want to protect yourself. Here the Alessis reveal how they broke out of survival mode and started fully living again.

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How do you break free from survival mode when you've been hit by a major traumatic event? 

When you've been through a major struggle, it can be tempting to stay in survival mode and protect yourself from any further harm. 

What are the steps to break free from this protective but potentially dangerous mental state? 

In this powerful episode, Steve and Mary Alessi reveal how they overcame feelings of fear and complacency after dealing with Steve's massive widow-maker heart-attack - which he explains in detail in the new book "Forty-Two: A Guide to Finishing Well when You Thought You Were Finished." 

You'll learn how to find the right balance between giving yourself time to heal, and pushing forward even after overcoming challenges in your family, personal life, marriage or career.

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