March 29, 2023
What You Don't See: How to Detect (and Correct) Blind Spots That Could Wreck Your Life | S5 E11

Is it possible that you're unaware of the greatest threat to your future? The Alessis preview a powerful lesson in the "Forty-Two" book so you can uncover blind spots that could cause you pain.

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Are you aware of the one thing in your life that could ruin everything?

Whether it's your health, your relationships, your work or something else...the biggest meltdowns in our lives are often a result of the things that were right under the surface...but that we didn't notice.

In this powerful episode, Steve and Mary Alessi unravel  the difficult but necessary steps required to identify, avoid and correct the blind spots that could end up costing you in the long run. With honesty, transparency and the experience of a massive widowmaker heart attack as their proving ground, they reveal how taking steps now can help you avoid major heartache later.

If you have felt uneasy about how your life is moving forward, this episode (and all our "Forty-Two" episodes) will help you discover the keys to freedom and a better life.

If you enjoyed this episode, you'll love Steve Alessi's upcoming book "Forty-Two: A Guide to Finishing Well When You Thought You Were Finished", to be released in April 2023!

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