May 03, 2023
Podience Takeover! LIVE Reactions from the "Forty-Two" Book Launch Party | S5 E16

We're giving you an exclusive inside view of the "Forty-Two" book launch party, and we decided to get some reactions from our "Podience" live - bringing them on as surprise guests!

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You've heard the "Forty-Two" story from the we get to hear from YOU!

We're sharing LIVE moments recorded during the "Forty-Two" book launch party, and we decided to get some responses from our "Podience" members live - bringing them on as surprise guests!

You'll hear the unrehearsed and honest thoughts from some of Metro Life Church's most dedicated members, and get even more insight into Steve Alessi's near-death experience impacted through those who lived through it, and those who are learning his powerful lessons through the book.

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Chris Alessi: Hello, and welcome to another episode of The Family Business with the Alessi, because we know it family is everybody's business. And tonight we are coming to you live from the official Forty-Two book launch party that we take a moment, we need to pipe in some applause. Yes, we're actually live. There's a lot of people in line right now, but I am blessed to be here with Pastor Armando Gomez and my sister, Gabby Alessi. And we're just here to kind of take you into what the night is, what the night feels like here, because this is really cool so far.

Armando Gomez: It's amazing. It's electric in here. There's Pastor Steve right there, right behind books back there. But the author is right near us. So many people.  This isn't a fan thing. This is a respect and honor thing. Pastor Steve is such an amazing man. Well, you've known him all your life. I've known him a lot of my life. And what he did with this book is amazing. And people want to hear more, know about more about Forty-Two and the story.

Chris Alessi: Absolutely.

Gaby Alessi: This is amazing. I love we were walking in here, we were just talking before we started this. The lobby itself is just hard to get out of because everybody's excited. There's food in the lobby. There's gelato. I mean, those meatballs are out there. But not only like you said, this is a party where we're celebrating, but we're honoring our pastor. We're honoring our dad.

Chris Alessi: It kind of felt like a movie premiere because we were in the offices just making sure everything was good. And we walk out ten minutes before the party starts, and people are already formulating lines and getting ready. They want to get their book. But that's because this book is really not it's not an autobiography. It's not lessons he's learned in his life. It's all of that and the DNA of what makes us who we are. It's the story of all of these people. It's all of our DNA, because we've truly all had a Forty-Two moment. Probably going to have more. And that nber has just meant so much for us. And at some point in this podcast tonight, we're going to be even calling on some of these people. They don't even know. We're going to grab them, pull them up here. But let's start with us. Okay, so who's read the book so far?

Armando Gomez: I'm about almost done.

Chris Alessi: About almost done.

Armando Gomez: I didn't finish it. I can't lie on it.

Gaby Alessi: Nobody would have known.

Chris Alessi: Should I? Yeah, I read it.

Armando Gomez: The whole thing.

Gaby Alessi: I finished it yesterday because I had a feeling we'd be at this release party, this launch party, and someone would ask me if I've read it all. So I crammed it in yesterday and finished it.

Chris Alessi: Well, I was lucky enough to be one of the ones that dad asked to read it early on when we got the first draft and everything. So I read it back then about halfway through reading the actual printed out version. But what's been your favorite part so far? Pastor Mono?

Armando Gomez: I'm reading a story that you were there for. We were experienced. Yeah. And it's such a powerful and touching story. So my favorite part is getting the nuanced details that I might not have heard or known because he was pretty guarded about talking about some of these things afterwards because he didn't want to go back and relive the moment and he wanted to move away from it. And now he's put it all in a book. So I'm seeing things that I recognize from it happening, but then I'm reading in between the lines and the lessons, even that first sermon, remember when he came back and he preached what I learned in Forty-Two minutes, m having a heart attack. And then even teachings and things that weren't part of that sermon series or message. So my favorite part is getting in between the lines after having lived it and gone through the whole moment.

Chris Alessi: Absolutely.

Armando Gomez: I'm loving that.

Chris Alessi: But you Gab's favorite part.

Gaby Alessi: So I said this right when the book came out and when this was being created for me, my favorite part was the fact that I get to read about the story. Because as much as, yes, I was there for it. I was seven years old. How much of it do you actually remember? So I've heard people talk about it. Actually, not until the podcast that you and John did with Pastor Steve did I know your stories and what you were going through at the time and how you guys had to rush up to Stewart to handle it. I didn't know everybody's perspective. I didn't know the recovery. I just found out, not lying in the book, that mom and dad spent all that time in Stewart to recover, because I didn't remember. And even when the girls were like, you don't remember. And I was like, we were just kids. We didn't know what was going on. I thought it was back pain. I didn't really know what a heart attack was. And until I read it myself and I got to read the thoughts of my dad and read the thoughts of my mom, and then to hear my mom and the decision she had to make about the door of life or the door of death, and to hear that, it really resonated with me. So as much as, yes, I wanted to finish the book because I wanted to have it done by now, I couldn't wait to get to the end of this book. I couldn't wait to get to the reawakening the dreamer part and to see how the story ended, because, yes, I know how the story ended, but I didn't remember it. So going through this, I feel like I'm getting an inside scoop that a lot of people that don't know dad and don't know Steve Alessi. We're having the same experience, in a way because I wasn't old enough to remember it.

Chris Alessi: Absolutely. Well, I have my favorite part, but before we get into it, let's go grab somebody. Why don't you go get Mike Valdez?

Carol Rode: I'll be right back.

Chris Alessi: He's sitting right over there. Now. Prep him. Prep him. So he knows that's good. Ask him if he's read the book or not. But my favorite part was actually a part in Reawakening the dreamer chapter. He said, sometimes the dreamer in you needs a punch in the face. And that's so real because there are sometimes... grab somebody else. Are you coming?.... Oh, I love it sometimes that she goes to get him, by the way, and then I see him leave. All right, get somebody else. But apparently he's just getting ready for you.

Armando Gomez: He's bigger than Gaby, so she couldn't force him over here.

Chris Alessi: But for me, I know there are times where it's not coming naturally, the energy I need for the day or the go get it, and that guy needs to be punched in the face. But that's a great way to segue.

Armando Gomez: Up here with G. We would have been, we're going to.

Chris Alessi: Get you up here for a minute or two, okay? Because we're going to cycle through a bunch of people.

Mike Valdez: No problem.

Chris Alessi: This is Mike Valdez.

Mike Valdez: Come on.

Chris Alessi: Mike one of our favorite people, church member. And he was a part of our church when this event took place. Am I right?

Mike Valdez: Yes, I was.

Chris Alessi: How long have you and your family been coming to Metro?

Mike Valdez: I'm going to say 17 years.

Chris Alessi: So right before the heart attack?

Mike Valdez: A few years before, maybe one year, a little bit more.

Chris Alessi: Have you read the book?

Mike Valdez: Yes, I've been reading the book. Well, I'm part of the book.

Chris Alessi: Yes, you are.

Mike Valdez: , so I know everything about the book.

Armando Gomez:  Pretty much.

Mike Valdez: I know everything. Yes.

Chris Alessi: Okay.

Mike Valdez: So I was here before the heart attack, so I know about Forty-Two since the beginning. So I'm part of it because I know everything, how everything went down, and a lot of things that I do, I do now because of what happened to passive. One of the things that in my mind after that happens to pass on. Listen, we are nothing like we can go in a second. So there's a lot of things that I do in life that I do because of Forty-Two, because of what happened there. So there's a lot of things. Like, every year for my birthday, I take my whole family with me somewhere. I don't care where it is. If we don't have money, we stay home. But all of us together, but together, everybody. And it's a lot of us right now, it's 16 of us all together. The wife, the kids, and the grandkids, it's a lot. And the partners, the wives and the husbands. So it's a lot of us, but we do it because of it. Because of what happened with Pastor. Yeah, because that completely changed my mindset. Okay? Life is like nothing in a second. We can just not be hopped on.

Chris Alessi: Here and started preaching. This guy, he was back there just talking in his heart.

Mike Valdez: Because, like I say, Forty-Two is part of my life. I'm part of the book. So my best of all this is what the title, the bottom part.

Chris Alessi: Of the finishing well.

Mike Valdez: Finishing well. Okay. Because my whole life, I've been waiting my life and something happened in your life. Maybe it's not your life, but somebody that you love. And then you're like, hey, you realize, hey, we're not here for it. Can change in a second. In a second.

Armando Gomez: And him writing this book has had that effect on so many people. But him living the story mhm has had an effect on so many people. Like, all of us that have been around have feel the same way. It's such a special night. Not because it's a book launch yes. But because after 15 years, here he is putting pen to paper and telling everyone the story so that they can feel just like you. I'm part of this book now. Yes. It's the reason that I do this or I do that, because life is but a vapor. I mean, you never know.

Mike Valdez: You never know.

Chris Alessi: I'm going to go grab the next person. I have a really great surprise.

Armando Gomez: Thank you.

Mike Valdez: Thank you.

Chris Alessi: Thank you, guys.

Mike Valdez: Okay, I just want to say, you had to buy the book. You had to read the book, and you had to comment. You had to make sure you reach somebody or buy multiple books and send to somebody. I already did. I bought a lot. I want to give to all my coworkers, to everybody that I know I want to give a book, okay. So I can change somebody's life with the Forty-Two moment. Amen, Mike. Amen.

Armando Gomez: Thank you, Mike. Appreciate it, guys.

Mike Valdez: All right, we'll see you soon.

Gaby Alessi: Okay, I want to introduce this one because you introduced the last one. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for one of my best friends, Dania Montejo.

Chris Alessi: It's perfect.

Armando Gomez: You tell this is live and unedited.

Chris Alessi: Not only that baby spit, but the whole point of Forty-Two is life's messy.

Dania Montejo: And I wish it was, like, smell.

Gaby Alessi: What is it?

Dania Montejo: Like smell? Smell TV. You guys can smell it.

Chris Alessi: So who do we have here? So the world knows little Vincent. Okay, so Dania has been a part of our church, her and her husband, for seven years.

Dania Montejo: Seven years.

Chris Alessi: , seven years. One of my first real good friends, kind of in my young adult season of Life. They've been here forever. They serve all the time. They popped out three kids in four years. And Donnie still wants more, so she hasn't finished yet. But Donnie, tell us, what does Forty-Two mean to you and your family?

Dania Montejo: I think it's just I mean, we've always said this, like your family, and I think all of the staff family that works here as well, everyone just carries theirselves to a level of excellence. So it's like, even in being on the other side and being so close to your family, we've seen the hardship that you guys have gone through. And it's like how you guys are at home to where you guys are here. Same person, but how you guys compose yourselves when stuff at home is not AOK. I think that's what Forty-Two is. You still have to be strong. You still have to have your composure. You still have to follow what the Word of God says. Even though I would think of the little meme of SpongeBob where everything behind him is on fire.

Gaby Alessi: Okay.

Armando Gomez: Can we get, like, a Scooby Doo reference? Because I didn't watch SpongeBob.

Dania Montejo: This is where Alan or Ash is going to input the meme right here.

Chris Alessi: And a Scooby Doo one for you.

Dania Montejo: Yeah, I think that's what Forty-Two is. And honestly, I think this whole season of us developing because I feel like I've heard the story a million times, and every time I hear it, there's like a new detail that he's never talked about. So it's like this fascinating story that continues to unroll.

Gaby Alessi: Yeah.

Armando Gomez: When I hear you say about composure, and even we're talking to Pastor Chris and Gaby and the whole family, that composure has come directly from Pastor Steve being able to stay composed. If you read this book because it just keeps bringing me back to the book, if you breathe this book, you may find a certain level of being able to handle the things that are going to happen in life.

Gaby Alessi: Yeah.

Armando Gomez: Hopefully it's not a, ah, heart attack for everyone. Right. But Forty-Twos are just hits. Big hits. And here you are saying that you've learned at your age with three kids now and your husband, how to live a composed life. You need that. When three kids are crazy, crying, going nuts, it's all over the place. How am I going to move into tomorrow?

Dania Montejo: And it doesn't stop. Well, our church is reading the 90 Days, right? And when was it yesterday that we read in Matthew? Matthew? , I'm reading it in the Message this time, and basically what Jesus says is, like, you run into that what was it, Gabby? Run into the fear, or run into what your Forty-Two moment is and just fall on Jesus. Give it to God, but run into whatever that craziness is and endure through that.

Chris Alessi: Don't run from it.

Dania Montejo: Yeah, don't run from it. Run to it.

Chris Alessi: It's been amazing having you and our boy on as she still cleans up the spit. There we go.

Armando Gomez: He will watch this ten years from now, 15 years from now, and be.

Chris Alessi: Like you let me spit on live podcast.

Armando Gomez: Live podcast on camera.

Chris Alessi: I'm pastor's....

Armando Gomez: I'm a book launch. Happy book launch.

Chris Alessi: If only podcasts were snatched like scratch and sniff. Okay, so I picked the first one. Gabby picked the second one. Pastor Mondo. Go grab somebody.

Gaby Alessi: Okay. Chris, while we wait, while we wait, we have seen as the books come out, ever since dad came up with the whole Forty-Two or it was on his heart, we have seen the nber Forty-Two in so many places, so many strange places. Can you either narrow down the one that creeped you out the most or where have you seen that nber come around?

Chris Alessi: The craziest one for me was there's a story in the book about Tower Group and members of our church that were building a construction company that they lost at the exact same time. And we're going to get to our big guy. But they went after they lost their business. It's going to be great. After they lost their business.

Gaby Alessi: I'm trying to keep this story got to go.

Chris Alessi: They lost the business. They went and relaunched another construction company years later. And the project they were working on around the time that we created the Forty-Two message was building number Forty-Two. It was at the exact same time. But we got our boy Ariel here.

Armando Gomez: What are we doing?

Chris Alessi: What are we doing? So what we're doing tonight is we're just grabbing people and we're asking them a, what does Forty-Two mean to them? Or what's been your favorite part of the book? Have you read any of the book yet?

Ariel Rodriguez: Yeah, sure, I read the first chapter.

Chris Alessi: What's your favorite part of chapter one?

Ariel Rodriguez: , the part about the plate of Alfredo that looked like Italy.

Gaby Alessi: This is why you need an Ariel to come on this, because it's such a sweet and it's like a deep and sad story.

Ariel Rodriguez: That's the first thing that came to my head because again, remember dad used to come to your restaurant? To our restaurant?

Gaby Alessi: Oh my god.

Gaby Alessi: That pasta fagioli was the Best I've ever had. I just want to insert that there.

Ariel Rodriguez: , that's why I say you guys were younger back then. But Pastor Steve used to come and I would pour them and give him a plate and Pastor Mary would always look at me like saying, you know.

Armando Gomez: I'm glad that was after.

Ariel Rodriguez: Yeah, that was after.

Chris Alessi: What does Forty-Two mean to you?

Ariel Rodriguez: 40? Forty-Two means and and I gotta tell him man, you know, after the story and and and learning how to finish well, and it's what he's been putting in our hearts. I just got this thriving me that's pushing me now to finish well, to be able to finish well with my kids, with myself personally, with working out mind, body, and soul is the way I look at it. Mind, body and soul and just trying to finish well. To do right by my kids, my family, my church, my community. That's why I got, like, ten books to sign. I can't get them all signed. I want to Evangelize with him. It's great. I mean, there's a guy later, I.

Armando Gomez: Can get him signed.

Ariel Rodriguez: Somebody great.

Gaby Alessi: He's got someone on the inside.

Ariel Rodriguez: I'll put one in his mailbox every day for ten days straight, but we'll get it done. And there's this gentleman who has a debilitating heart disease , my partner's brother who just got terrible news that his life, his quality of life is not going to be the same. He can't play the golf that he's been playing, that he's accustomed to doing. He gets out of breath just by getting up and going to the door. So this is somebody that I think God can move and do something in his life. And that miracle that let's see. Let's see what God can do.

Chris Alessi: Can do.

Ariel Rodriguez: Yeah, let's see. Yeah. God is a God of all of a sudden.

Chris Alessi: And you know what? I think he's going to really like the part the story of the crow taking the cigar on the golf course. I think he's going to really connect with that. But you know what's nuts? Of all three people we brought up here so far, they are all people that experienced a season that should have finished them, and yet they're here thriving and finishing well.

Ariel Rodriguez: Yes.

Chris Alessi: I'm so glad he hopped on here, because, hey, you brought energy, but you brought up a point that we hope everybody would get. This is a perfect Evangelism tool.

Ariel Rodriguez: It is.

Chris Alessi: , my own book. I leave ten or twelve in my car, so I go grab them, give them to somebody. I'm doing the same with Forty-Two, because I think that's a book. This is going to pull people more than any other book.

Ariel Rodriguez: Exactly.

Chris Alessi: I really think exactly.

Ariel Rodriguez: There's another one. There's a gentleman that works with us. , he just turned Forty-Two, not by coincidence. And I think it's time for him to learn more about Christ and learn about the story. So that's another book that I want to give. And of course, my partner and other people that we know that Kaylee this is another story. You heard about that one. Kaylee's one of the best girls softball players probably in the country. Unfortunately, she got hit with some cancer. She's battling. She's going into chemo. We gave her a book, and God's doing some amazing things. We're just praying that for that miracle, she can get back on the field, man. So there's a lot of things and a lot of things that are going on.

Chris Alessi: The next guest is going to be hard to follow up on this.

Ariel Rodriguez: Thank you, guys.

Chris Alessi: Okay, then you go get them and I'll switch.

Gaby Alessi: No, let me hear.

Chris Alessi: Come okay, fine.

Armando Gomez: You know.

Gaby Alessi: We'Re not gonna tell you.

Armando Gomez: So don't so okay, he's gone, so we can just talk.

Gaby Alessi: Okay, so let me ask you, where have you seen the nber Forty-Two? No, but it's weirded you out because for me, it was when we got the books in and the weight was Forty-Two pounds.

Armando Gomez: Okay.

Gaby Alessi: The Forty-Two book box that came in m like the preview box, and it was Forty-Two pounds.

Armando Gomez: Forty-Two pounds, exactly.

Gaby Alessi: That weirded me out.

Armando Gomez: Okay. So I haven't thought of a time that it's weirded me out, but I do feel like I see it everywhere now. We were just reading in Matthew where we started in Matthew, 14 generations from adam. Adam to the Exile and then the Exile, whatever it was 14, 1414. Halfway through the day, I'm like, 1414. Wait a second. 1414 to 14. That's Forty-Two. So that one got me because it's even a biblical nber. Three generations, guys. You guys are in. Three generations? Well, I know there's more. There's like, four, but when I'm looking from Pastor Steve down, it's three generations down now. So it was like, boom.

Gaby Alessi: It was crazy. Okay, PC, what are you going to do?

Chris Alessi: Okay, so right now we have Christian.

Gaby Alessi: Kaladi young blood in here.

Christian Calatayud: Got to get some young blood.

Gaby Alessi: No, we had Donna.

Armando Gomez: Oh, danya.

Chris Alessi: We'll do a girl next.

Armando Gomez: Daniel. That's right. Change.

Chris Alessi: You owe me a soda. Christian is a part of our team here. Phenomenal. He's phenomenal. , love the guy. Christian, tell us, what does Forty-Two mean to you?

Christian Calatayud: Forty-Two? , I think it's something that we all kind of have our own Forty-Two moment, and it's something that you really learn as you become a part of Metrolife Church. And granted, I was raised in Metrolife Church. The DNA and the culture is embedded into almost my faith. It's part of what I do. , but the Forty-Two moment really what it means to me is there's so much more life on the other side of our own Forty-Two moments. I've seen Pastor when it happened. We were kids. I was the same age as Gabrielle. And it was something that there's so much more life on the other side of things. Stephanie has a kid. PC has a kid on the way. It's just there's so much more life on the other side of the Forty-Two moment. And to be frank, I haven't read the book just yet. I'm going to read it. I was there and I'm going to read it. And it's such an amazing victory for our pastor. And what God does in one, he does in the others. So it's just such an amazing victory. And that's really what Forty-Two means to me. There's so much more life on the other side of what seems to be a loss. It really is a victory in the long term.

Armando Gomez: That's good. Very good. Good job, Christian.

Gaby Alessi: All right.

Armando Gomez: Very good.

Gaby Alessi: You guys continue. I'm going to go get our next victim.

Armando Gomez: I will. You know, PC, my wife was telling me in the car today this is so fun about one of her favorite parts was you can't either get past or break through the walls that you haven't identified, or you can't like, if you don't know the wall that's holding you back. It was when we were going to remodel where we're sitting. There was a big wall right here.

Chris Alessi: Oh, yeah.

Armando Gomez: And he talked about you can't I forget the exact words, but you can't defeat a wall that you haven't identified. And I was thinking about that with her, about how powerful that is when we look at the things that are going on in our life, but we can't put our finger on it and we can't defeat it. We got to put our finger on it and say, okay, this is the wall that I'm facing. Is it a spiritual attack? Is it a physical attack? And all of that is something you're going to find in the book and how to deal with that. Who else will tell you? Most people say, man, bust that wall down. You can do it. RA this self help stuff. Right. But here's Pastor Steve saying, you're not getting through the wall unless you identify. Then when you know what it is now, you can defeat it.

Chris Alessi: Look at this guest. Holy mo.

Armando Gomez: We can just leave. She can carry the kicking and screaming.

Chris Alessi: We get you up here. How are you?

Carol Rode: How surprised are we?

Armando Gomez: Oh, my gosh.

Chris Alessi: You want to introduce yourself?

Carol Rode: I'm Carol Rhodey belong to Dennis Rhodey.

Armando Gomez: I belong to Dennis Rhodey.

Chris Alessi: Now, what people don't know is if you go and watch the Chosen and you watch the episode of the feeding of the 5000, try to pause it during the span of the people you're going to see.

Gaby Alessi: Waldo.

Chris Alessi: Have you had a chance to read the book at all?

Carol Rode: I'm halfway through it. Dennis finished it in one sitting.

Chris Alessi: Of course he did. That's the kind of man he is. What's been your favorite part halfway through?

Carol Rode: , my favorite part is that I relate a lot more than I thought I would, because it brings me back to a lot of my Forty-Twos that I didn't realize were pivotal moments in my life that are Forty-Twos. , I learned more about my pastor and that was nice to get an insight as to. Pastors don't always have the glory life. , and things happen whether you're pastors or not. , and to see them always get up and always come through it, that was good.

Armando Gomez: Wow.

Gaby Alessi: Very good.

Chris Alessi: I guess for us, we don't have the perspective of somebody that wasn't there, came afterwards, and has now learned a large portion. So it's so cool to get that perspective because outside of donia, everybody we else brought up was kind of there.

Carol Rode: We came a few years after a couple of years after all that happened. So we just heard about it very lightly. But we didn't know about you and about Lauren. , we knew she had infertility your mom, and I could relate with that, but did not to the extent. So it's just her feelings and how she felt. You relate a lot. I don't care what your Forty-Two is. You relate a lot.

Armando Gomez: What a testament to the book. You don't have to go to Metro Life Church. You don't have to have been here. You don't have to have had the physical history of going through the whole thing. You could just pick up the book and learn life lessons from it.

Chris Alessi: Absolutely, yes. And you know what? Forty-Two moments aren't always massive.

Armando Gomez: No.

Chris Alessi: Our own mom, Pastor Mary, a couple of weeks ago, the day that we got the book and we unveiled the books, she falls and breaks her shoulder. Two days before our spring fest, where she had to lead a concert, she got up there in a sling and led worship. She looked at the wall.

Carol Rode: There's the whole thing in the book.

Gaby Alessi: You know what?

Carol Rode: They've gone through all of this.

Armando Gomez: That's right.

Carol Rode: And they've always come out  . They don't let it suck them in.

Armando Gomez: It's moments that define you. That's what Forty-Two moments are. And it relates to everyone.

Carol Rode: That relates to everyone. I think it'll relate to everybody because I think Forty-Two moments are going to come out of people's life that go, Whoa. I remember I had this 43 two moment, and it was my life in my life. But you relate to him. And I love that saying, if you're not dead, God's not done.

Armando Gomez: I love it.

Chris Alessi: He's the first guest to bring it up. We got five guests. First one.

Carol Rode: I love it. Thank you for being here for other.

Chris Alessi: People, because it's an evangelism tool we've been talking about.

Carol Rode: Thank you.

Chris Alessi: You did great, by the way, for being all nervous. Okay, now I think we have time for one more guest. And I have an idea. Okay, I have an idea. What if we grab Grandmammy sister Ann? Pastor Ann.

Gaby Alessi: Okay.

Armando Gomez: I like that much because I thought you were going to steal him after this book signing.

Gaby Alessi: Either him or Pastor Mary. They haven't heard from Pastor Mary and Grandmammy.

Chris Alessi: Get them both.

Gaby Alessi: Okay.

Chris Alessi: Get them both. That's fine. We know.

Gaby Alessi: Okay, so we're being yelled at.

Chris Alessi: No, it's a live thing at a.

Armando Gomez: Live party telling us what time it is.

Chris Alessi: Are we getting let's do this. Honestly, we could bring so many people.

Armando Gomez: Up, and he'll probably do a podcast.

Chris Alessi: With her, so let's save it for with her. If anything, we'll edit this whole last minute and a half out. But having Carol up here, having our guests, it just shows that Forty-Two is not a metro life thing. It's not an unless he thing. It's not the family business thing only. This is for anybody, whether they know Christ or not. This is an evangelism tool. It's a book that can help anybody. Every single person. Up here could have given up, but they didn't. And so we just want to really encourage everybody, grab a book, grab a bunch of books, get it out there. This is something that everybody will connect with. Do you guys want to leave? Any last thoughts?

Armando Gomez: Well, I was going to say even if you get extra books or even if you recommend, like, I have, it still in my phone. When people tell me, hey, you got to read this book, I put it in my phone. And as I'm reading books, I go down this list. So even that even just word of mouth or writing a quick review about what you read is going to help move the book. Not just to move the book. It's to move people. It's to get people to understand that their life. If you're not dead, there's a big screen right over there that says this. If you're not dead, God's not done. And people need to know that because I have felt defeated in my life. We have all felt defeated in our life, but we're not because we'll be underground. That's when the true victory after the defeat will come. Right now, we got more things to do. Yeah.

Gaby Alessi: One thing I'm going to say is this. If you think this book is only about Pastor Steve, you have no idea. And that's why you need this book. , because this book consists of people in our church family. They're Forty-Two. My own, my Forty-Two, my sister's Forty-Two. It's a combination, a collection of stories of people that are finishing well, that at a time we thought we were finished or we didn't know how we were going to finish. And we're all learning to how to finish well. And so you just need to read the book. Even if you're not a Christian, even if you're not a believer and you don't really know how this all works, read the book and see for yourself how this is going to bless you.

Chris Alessi: Thank you for being here and joining us for another episode of The Family Business with the Alessis. , because if you're not dead, god and family is everybody business. Thanks for joining us.

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Christopher serves as the next generation pastor in the church that his parents, Pastor Steve and Mary Alessi, founded and continue to lead, Metro Life Church. His desire is that all children, youth and young adults would recognize the true Ephesians 3:20 nature of God and inspire others to do the same. At his side in ministry and in life are his wife Richelle and his three young adult sisters, Stephanie, Lauren and Gabrielle.

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